Amsterdam, Netherlands – In response to the announcement that the Netherlands and Russia have reached a settlement of the ‘Arctic Sunrise dispute‘, Daniel Simons, Senior Legal Counsel at Greenpeace International, stated:

“We commend the Dutch government for taking a strong stance in favour of freedom of expression and peaceful activism. Although Greenpeace International was not a party to this settlement, we are gratified to see the Russian government’s agreement with a declaration confirming the substance of the international tribunal’s ruling.

“While this brings the dispute between the Netherlands and Russia to a close, the Arctic 30 case concerning human rights will continue in the European Court of Human Rights.

“With the impact of climate changed weather being felt everywhere, it is essential we all carry on the Arctic 30’s legacy of taking a stand against fossil fuel companies around the world.

“After the Arctic 30 have received the compensation they are due, all the remaining money will go right back into campaigning against an oil industry that is driving runaway climate change. We will continue to stand alongside every person who has the courage to not just dream of a sustainable future, but is willing to act decisively and peacefully for it, just as the Arctic 30 did five years ago. Two million euros will contribute to the fight for a sustainable future for all of us.”


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