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#Consumption #Food #Oceans Stop big business stealing West Africa’s fish

The fishmeal and fish oil industry is threatening access to food and jobs. We can stop them.

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#Consumption #Oceans Call for a Plastic-Free Future

Join millions of people around the world to take action to stop plastic pollution.

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#Energy Revolution #Oceans #Oil Protect the North Sea

Demand a safe, fair, and green transition for a North Sea free of fossil fuels!

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High Stakes

April 2021

The Indian Ocean is home to immense biodiversity, yet It is estimated that around one third of the assessed fish populations here are overfished.

Deep Trouble: The murky world of the deep sea mining industry

December 2020

Our new report reveals who stands to benefit and who is left at risk if governments allow deep sea mining exploitation.

Fishy Business

February 2020

How transhipment at sea facilitates illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing that devastates our oceans.

Turtles Under Threat

January 2020

Why the world’s ultimate ocean wanderers need protection.

In Hot Water

December 2019

In Hot Water: The Climate Crisis and the Urgent Need for Ocean Protection

Ghost Gear: The Abandoned Fishing Nets Haunting Our Oceans

November 2019

The Abandoned Fishing Nets Haunting Our Oceans Pollution of the world’s oceans is a growing and pervasive problem, and that is especially true of the increasing volume of ocean plastic.

The Wild West Atlantic: The Impact of Overfishing in the South West Atlantic Ocean

October 2019

The Blue Hole is in danger from overfishing, destructive fishing practices and the inability of states to cooperate to ensure that marine ecosystems are effectively protected, and fisheries sustainably managed.

In Deep Water

July 2019

The oceans are facing more threats now than at any time in history. Yet a nascent industry is ramping up to exert yet more pressure on marine life.

Sharks Under Attack

June 2019

Shark catches must be dramatically reduced if we want to see healthy oceans for future generations.

A Waste of Fish

June 2019

Regional fish stocks essential to food security and livelihoods of communities in West Africa are under threat from the fishmeal and fish oil industry.

30×30: A Blueprint for Ocean Protection

April 2019

This report is the result of a year-long collaboration between leading academics at the University of York, University of Oxford and Greenpeace.

A Crisis of Convenience: The corporations behind the plastics pollution pandemic

October 2018

To what degree are global FMCG companies doing to address the environmental and social impacts of their plastic packaging and waste?

Microplastics in the Antarctic

June 2018

In early 2018, Greenpeace undertook an expedition to the Antarctic to carry out scientific research, including seabed submarine dives exploring little known benthic ecosystems and sampling for microplastics and persistent…

Licence to Krill

March 2018

Greenpeace investigations reveal how krill-fishing companies are expanding operations in the fragile Antarctic ocean, putting an entire food web at risk.

This Far, No Further

March 2016

Investigations by Greenpeace have shown industrial fishing fleets using destructive bottom trawling are invading previously pristine areas of the Barents Sea in the Norwegian Arctic.

Arctic Sanctuary

June 2014

Arctic coastal states are keen to lay claim on the valuable resources found beyond their national boundaries, and they have all submitted applications to extend their polar seabeds. Governments and…

Deep Seabed Mining

July 2013

The deep sea is a place of myth and mystery, filled with weird and wonderful life forms, and vital to the survival of our planet. But now, this mostly unknown…

Oceans in the Balance

May 2013

Every second breath we take comes from the ocean. Billions of people rely on our oceans for their food and for employment. In return, we are plundering the oceans of…

The Need for a High Seas Biodiversity Agreement

May 2013

The current way of managing the high seas puts short-term corporate interests before the long-term health of our oceans. Unless action is taken to restore and protect the health of…

Emergency Oceans Rescue Plan

October 2010

Our oceans are in crisis. Hardly a week goes by without another major study linking the loss of marine biodiversity with human activity. Scientists repeatedly warn that many ocean ecosystems…

Mediterranean Sea – Threats and Solutions

July 2006

The Mediterranean Sea is the world’s largest inland sea,a beautiful,but troubled body of water stretching for 2.5 million km2 between the continents of Europe, Asia and Africa. Threats such as…