Amsterdam, Netherlands – The latest announcement from the UNFCCC on the NDC Synthesis Report shows that the planet continues on a pathway to a nightmarish climate crisis.

Jennifer Morgan, Executive Director, Greenpeace International said:
“The transformational climate action needed for a safe, green future means radical collective collaboration and authentic commitments now. The report today does not paint a hopeful picture of progress. 

“Current NDCs amount to around a 16% increase in emissions by 2030 from 2010, when they need to be slashed by at least 50%. Achieving the Paris 1.5C goal is possible but only with courageous leadership and bold decisions. 

“Governments are letting vested interests call the climate shots, rather than serving the global community. Passing the buck to future generations has got to stop – we are living in the climate emergency now.”

Juan Pablo Osornio, Senior Political Lead, Greenpeace International said:
“The report shows – yet again – how governments are failing to follow through on their Paris climate promises. The cost of their inaction can be seen everywhere, everyday. Terrifying record floods, fires, droughts, and unstable weather have left no country untouched with the poorest suffering the most. Governments must respond to the rapidly deteriorating state of the planet – and cut emissions fast, which demands a just transition from fossil fuels.

“The governments of big polluting nations need to wake up and act fast – the climate alarm clock is not on snooze. China, India, South Africa and Australia haven’t submitted an updated commitment since 2015, while countries like Indonesia show no intention to improve or worse still, the weaker commitments from Brazil and Mexico. Even commitments that may seem ambitious, such as those from the United States and European Union, are just a fraction of the climate action they could and should be pursuing.”

A new deadline for NDC submissions is 12 October, with a subsequent publication of an update to the final synthesis report on 25 October. Greenpeace is calling on all governments to raise their ambition and accelerate action for climate protection.

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