10 years ago in 2013, after a tough campaign by Greenpeace and other NGOs, Indonesia’s giant Asia Pulp and Paper Sinarmas (APP Sinarmas) made a ground-breaking promise to halt deforestation and peatland conversion. 

Some progress was made with the implementation of this Forest Conservation Policy (FCP), including the commitment to conservation of over 500,000 hectares of forest, a commitment to the retirement and rehabilitation of 7,000 hectares of plantation on peatland, and some progress with addressing social conflict in its plantations. However, beginning in 2017, just 4 years after the FCP was launched, the grand promise began to unravel. 

10 years after APP Sinarmas’s FCP launch, this progress report card documents and compiles evidence of multiple breaches of its FCP, including peatland draining and development, tens of thousands of hectares of deforestation, and a change to the ‘cutoff’ date before which its suppliers must have ended deforestation. It also makes important recommendations to APP Sinarmas customers, underlining that for the FCP to be anything more than a piece of paper, APP Sinarmas must provide verifiable evidence that it is meeting the promises made in its 2013 Forest Conservation Policy and related commitments.

Download the report:

APP Sinarmas: Forest Promises Pulped