This morning we released a new video asking much-loved toy company, LEGO to ditch its partnership with oil company Shell. The film depicts an Arctic made entirely of LEGO and imagines an oil spill in this beautiful and pristine part of the world. In real life, Shell plans to drill in the Arctic with the very real risk of a huge oil spill that would destroy this unique ecosystem.

We worked with award-winning creative agency, Don’t Panic to create the film. It features cameo characters from the LEGO Movie, Game of Thrones, and every child’s favourite, Santa Claus. We hope the film is shared far and wide and serves to pressure LEGO into re-thinking their relationship with Shell.

Every company has a responsibility to choose its partners and suppliers ethically. LEGO says it wants to leave a better world for children and has a progressive environmental policy. But it’s partnered with Shell, one of the biggest polluters on the planet, now threatening the Arctic. That’s a terrible decision and its bad news for kids. We’re calling on LEGO to stand up for the Arctic — and for children — by ditching Shell for good.

Watch the film and share it with friends here.

Sara Ayech is an Arctic Campaigner at Greenpeace UK.