Greenpeace USA Endorses the Vision for Black Lives Platform

Greenpeace endorses the Vision for Black Lives platform and stands in solidarity with our allies in the Movement for Black Lives to demand policies that empower and liberate Black people. We recognize the inextricable connections between environmental and racial justice, and we encourage our supporters to confront the systems of power that both destroy the environment and attempt to strip Black people of their humanity.

The Vision for Black Lives platform outlines six demands and more than 40 specific policy recommendations that advance Black dignity by building Black political will and power. It was developed through a collective process that included the voices of thousands of Black people across the country, including one of our own Greenpeace staff members.

Today, we wholeheartedly endorse this vision.

In introducing this platform, Movement for Black Lives organizers wrote that they intended to “assert a clear vision, particularly for those who claim to be our allies, of the world we want them to help us create.”

At Greenpeace, we’re taking that call to heart and doubling down on our commitment to place justice at the center of our fight for a green and peaceful future. For most of our history, the environmental movement has left communities of color behind and failed to lift up the voices of those most impacted by environmental injustice. We cannot allow that anymore.

We’ve made important progress, but the scale of the challenge compels us to do more.

We must work together to confront the unjust structures and exploitative industries targeting Black communities. We must recognize and create space for Black leadership in the environmental movement and support the centering of Black voices and Black-led solutions in the movement for racial justice, as our allies have done by articulating this vision.

We’re particularly inspired by the way this vision pushes forward a radical transformation of the systems that put profit over people. These systems lie at the root of injustice in our society — the same root causes behind environmental destruction.

That’s why we’re endorsing the full Vision for Black Lives platform and the six pillars it includes.

Vision for Black Lives Platform

We’re also committed to putting this endorsement into practice, and you can read here about some of the ways we’re already doing that.

We encourage our supporters to read and endorse the full Vision for Black Lives platform if you haven’t already. Together, we can create a green, peaceful, and just future.

In solidarity,

Annie Leonard, Executive Director, Greenpeace USA
David Barre, Program Director, Greenpeace USA

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