Capital Research Center (CRC)

Koch Industries Climate Denial Front Group

$720,888 from Koch foundations, 1997-2017

The Capital Research Center’s website collects information on non-profit environmental advocates, and is heavily biased against climate science. In reaction to peer-reviewed study that found a 97% consensus among scientists that climate change is a real phenomenon and primarily caused by human activity, the CRC called the authors “alarmist.”
As of 2017, the CRC continues to oppose international treaties that countries have entered in order to mitigate the impact of climate change.
In 2016, the CRC criticized the U.S. Military for incorporating climate change into its strategic planning, blaming President Obama.
In 2015, the CRC described global climate treaty negotiations as “the culmination of decades of work by the anti-democracy Left, by power-hungry politicians and bureaucrats, and by greedy business people.”
In 2014, CRC posted an article called, “Global Warming: How to persuade those idiots who don’t agree with you.” The article is a retort to reporters covering the challenge of communicating climate science to a public that disproportionately distrusts the consensus among scientists.
CRC cited a rebuttal to the 2014 National Climate Assessment, signed almost exclusively by scientists with a history of payments by the fossil fuel industry or groups financed by fossil fuel interests, many of whom lack [advanced] degrees in science, or have not published any [recent] scientific research. A full list of signatories is below, (many of which overlap with a list posted by Sau on the HotWopper blog):
Capital Research Center is a member of the State Policy Network.

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