Join the Volunteer Textbanking Team!

Greenpeace supporters across the country are helping mobilize millions through our textbanking program. Join the community and start making change for our planet today!

What is textbanking?

Textbanking is when a team of volunteers reaches out to Greenpeace supporters through text messages. Our supporters receive a text from us with important information about events, petitions, important news, and ways they can take action to support the environment and more. There is no minimum requirement or expectation for textbanking. If you have a lot of free time one month and want to sign up for every available shift–great! If you get really busy and can’t textbank for awhile–no problem. 

Get started with textbanking:

Step 1: Sign Our Volunteer Agreement

Before you do anything else, you’ll need to sign up and agree to our community standards.

Step 2: Review our slides and watch the how-to video!

Not sure if textbanking is for you? Watch a quick how-to video to get an idea of what its like to textbank using Relay.

Step 3: Take the Quiz!

Once you pass the quiz and we see that you have signed the Volunteer Agreement Form, you’ll be able to join Discord (our communication channel) and get started!

Struggling or Need Help? Email Jeremiah at

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