Now Arriving in New York, Greenpeaces Legendary Rainbow Warrior

by Jay Ferrari

January 27, 2012

This morning around 9 a.m., a newly christened Greenpeace Rainbow Warrior sailed in to New York, completing its maiden cross-Atlantic voyage from Europe. If youre in or near New York City, head down to Chelsea Piers, Pier 59 at 23rd Street and the Hudson River to see her up close. Official public tours will be offered tomorrow, Saturday 28th and continue on Sunday 29th January between 10am and 4pm both days. Private tours for groups can be arranged through Friday*.

This is the third incarnation of our famous vessel (some say infamous, but we take that as a compliment). The first was bombed by the French Navy in 1985. The second was retired on August 16, 2011.

The Rainbow Warrior is the first ship to fly the Greenpeace flag that was not converted from another vessel. Shes entirely purpose-built, specific to our global scientific research and environmental issue-awareness needs. Shes 190 ft in length and one of the worlds greenest ships. At full sail of 13,500 sq ft and a giant 180ft A Frame, she can outrun larger conventionally powered ships under sail alone.

In a living tribute to Greenpeaces continuity of mission, todays Rainbow Warrior is captained by Peter Willcox, who was at the helm when the first Rainbow Warrior was attacked. After leaving New York, the Rainbow Warrior, Captain Wilcox will sail her down the East coast, visiting Baltimore, Southport, Fort Lauderdale  and St. Petersburg. From there, shell make her way to Brazil.

For more than four decades, Greenpeace ships have been both visible symbols of Greenpeace, and vital players in the pursuit of our campaigns. The Rainbow Warrior has blocked illegal timber shipments, confronted whalers, and hosted uncountable scientific experiments. She is in many ways both our most poetic symbol and our toughest front-line fighter.

Were proud to know that her heroic legacy continues, and that the worlds oceans are once again home to the Rainbow Warrior.

*Please note that closed toed shoes are required aboard the ship and that, unfortunately, the vessel is not wheelchair accessible.

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