Stories from the Rainbow Warrior: Episode 1

by Brian Fitzgerald

October 19, 2011

Pablo Bullrich is one of our “New Hands on Deck” — young activists who are joining the Rainbow Warrior III’s maiden voyage. This is the first episode of a web video mini-series, Stories from the Rainbow Warrior, where you can join their journey. To find out more about Pablo and his fellow New Hands on Deck, visit and like their page on Facebook. You’ll find further episodes of their story as the ship makes its way from Bremen to Hamburg, Amsterdam, London, Stockholm, Marseilles, Genoa, and Barcelona before heading off to the Amazon.

And if you’re one of the 100,000+ people who crowd-funded this ship by buying a cleat, a bolt, a sail, the wheelhouse, we’d like to thank you for your generosity. Keep a sharp eye out — we’ll be featuring some of the items you purchased in these videos.

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