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Confidential documents reveal Finnish nuclear reactor cannot be guaranteed safe

Press release | 13 August, 2008 at 9:14

Finland, 13 August 2008 — Confidential documents obtained by Greenpeace reveal that basic safety procedures have not been followed in the construction of the European Pressurised Reactor (EPR) Olkiluoto 3 (0L3) in Finland. Greenpeace is calling...

Greenpeace builds shield against bottom trawling in the North Sea

Press release | 12 August, 2008 at 10:21

Greenpeace activists aboard the Beluga II sailed into the German North Sea today and began placing over 150 granite rocks, each weighing 2-3 tonnes, on the seabed. The aim is to stop fishing in an area which on paper is protected under European law.

Boulders against bottom trawling

Feature story | 12 August, 2008 at 0:00

The fishing industry seems determined to catch every last fish in the North Sea. The governments of the region and the EU have done little to stop them, but they may soon hit a few snags: a team from Greenpeace Germany and Greenpeace...

European, American and Japanese electronic waste poisoning the environment in Ghana

Press release | 5 August, 2008 at 0:05

Accra, 5 August 2008 – A Greenpeace analysis of soil and sediment taken from two electronic waste (e-waste) scrap yards in Ghana has revealed severe contamination with hazardous chemicals. The report "Chemical contamination at e-waste recycling...

Poisoning the poor - Electronic waste in Ghana

Publication | 5 August, 2008 at 0:00

As the global market for electronic goods expands, and the lifespan of many of those products gets shorter, there has been a rapid growth in electronic waste (e-waste). The UN estimates that 20-50 million tonnes of e-waste is produced globally...

Chemical contamination at e-waste recycling and disposal sites in Accra and...

Publication | 5 August, 2008 at 0:00

The global market for electrical and electronic equipment continues to expand, while the lifespan of many products becomes shorter.Consequently, the waste stream of obsolete electrical and electronic products, commonly called “e-waste”, is also...

Toxic toy legislation victory

Feature story | 5 August, 2008 at 0:00

The US Congress has sent President Bush legislation that will make toys safer for little tots and infants. The bill bans the use of six toxic chemicals, called phthalates, that are added to vinyl plastic to make it flexible.

Poisoning the poor – Electronic Waste in Ghana

Feature story | 5 August, 2008 at 0:00

The latest place where we have discovered high tech toxic trash causing horrendous pollution is in Ghana. Our analysis of samples taken from two electronic waste (e-waste) scrap yards in Ghana has revealed severe contamination with hazardous...

Greenpeace to sue French Nuclear Industry

Feature story | 1 August, 2008 at 0:00

Over the last month there have been a catalogue of accidents at the French nuclear site Tricastin-Pierrelatte. We’ve followed all the breaking stories on our new weblog ‘Nuclear Reaction’. Now Greenpeace France has launched two court cases in an...

Conning the Congo

Publication | 30 July, 2008 at 0:00

This new investigative report exposes another hidden aspect of export-driven resource extraction in the DRC and the neighbouring Republic of the Congo. Internal company documents obtained by Greenpeace International show how the German owned,...

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