Green Electronics: the search continues…

The results of the Green Electronics Survey 2008.

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Executive summary: As companies have made increasingly stronger commitments to eliminate toxic chemicals, increase their products’ energy efficiency, and improve their recycling efforts by embracing financial responsibility for their electronic waste, Greenpeace has sought to comprehensively assess the state of green products coming into the global marketplace, even looking beyond its initial criteria in the Guide to Greener Electronics.

Using information submitted by companies in late 2007, Greenpeace published the first edition of its Green Products Survey in early 2008. Unlike the Electronics Guide described above, which focuses on overall corporate policies and practice, this survey evaluates the products that the manufacturers themselves consider to be their greenest.

The first edition revealed no products that could claim the title of a truly green product, with only a few scores barely reaching a total score of 5 out of 10. In 2008, we invited the companies to submit their greenest models again, to find out if new product line-ups showed improved environmental performances, and to once again try to find the greenest electronic products on the market.

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