The science report The Dirty Legacy of Coal (Мръсното завещание на въглищата) reveals what happense with the waters and the air as a result of the use of coal for energy generation in Bobov Dol CTPP. The research by Greenpeace – Bulgaria is based on analysis of specifically gathered samples from waters and sediments in the area of the power plant, as well as data from a three-month measuring of air pollution.
The conclusions are unconditional – the activity of the power plant has a significant effect of the quality of the waters and the air in the region. The report recommends investigation and sanctions of the violations, as well as a redefinition of the procedure of granting of working permits with a new focus on protecting the environment.

Корица на доклада „Мръсното завещание на въглищата“, английска версия, февруари 2021 г. Автори: Кевин Бригден, Ейдън Фароу, Десислава Микова Редактор: Меглена Антонова Снимки: „Грийнпийс“ Дизайн: Даниела Янкова
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