Women constitute a large percentage of the communities highly dependent on natural resources. As the climate crisis deepens, women will be disproportionately affected by the impacts due to social, cultural and economic factors. Fighting for a greener future is not just about being energy efficient or cutting down on emissions. A sustainable future can be created only when we achieve a just, equitable, compassionate and respectful world. On International Women’s Day we celebrate the passionate women who power our campaigns and make change happen. 

Bina Devi, Farmer with Bihar Living Soils

“During the lockdown, women farmers like us fed our families and our village with fresh, healthy food from our organic gardens. Due to the lockdown, a lot of people lost their livelihoods and fell sick. Our organic gardens kept us independent and we ensured no one went hungry.”

Bhanupriya, Senior Finance Officer at Greenpeace India

Fighting climate change is an all hands on deck situation. I am glad to be part of the movement as I would like to leave a better world for my daughter. One key lesson I have learnt from my work with Greenpeace is that you should be comfortable with continuously learning and improving yourself. I implement that every day.

Tamanna Sengupta, Communications Consultant at Greenpeace India

“I believe my strength as a woman comes from the community of determined, passionate, fearless women that surround me. An unapologetically independent woman unknowingly empowers numerous young girls. That is who I aspire to be.”

Mangala Gowri, Cyclist with Power The Pedal

“When I first moved to a big city like Bengaluru, I felt intimidated by the heavy traffic. But becoming a cyclist has changed that feeling. I am more confident now.”

Vijayata Sharma, Fundraising Officer for Greenpeace India

“ Working with Greenpeace has made me a more concerned individual. I believe we all play a part in preserving our planet for future generations. But we can’t build a safe, sustainable future alone – we build it together. We need to live and work as a community.My work with Greenpeace helps me bring more people to this cause.”

Subhasri Banerjee, Volunteer at Greenpeace India

“Greenpeace India is a vivid example of people from different communities, ethnicities, and cultures coming together and working towards one prime goal—saving the planet. The networking opportunities I gain with Greenpeace are what I cherish and why I see myself engaged with the organization for the better part of my life. To young women, I encourage you to break the walls of social barriers, go as far as you aspire, and never settle for less than what you’re worth.”

Shefali Rawat, Program Coordinator at Greenpeace India

“I started my journey with Greenpeace as a volunteer back in college and recently returned to work after several years. A little unsure about re-entering the workforce, Greenpeace India gave me much-needed confidence. Empowering women leads to a more sustainable future. A gender just society is also a more ecolology efficient society. On this day, let us resolve to work for both, together.”