India consumed 16.5 million tonnes of plastic in 2017-18 alone! From beaches in Mumbai to the remote Antarctic, plastic pollution is everywhere. It is choking our water bodies and releasing toxic pollutants, harming animals and affecting human health. But change is coming. 

At the United Nations Environmental Assembly last March, governments officially adopted a mandate opening negotiations for a global, legally-binding plastics treaty to address the whole lifecycle of plastics. The negotiations for the Global Plastics Treaty will start this November, with the goal of completing the process by the end of 2024. 

We demand an ambitious global plastics treaty that will limit plastic production and use and enable just transition for people employed in the sector. A strong global plastics treaty will keep oil and gas in the ground, hold big polluters accountable for their excessive plastic production, build refill and reuse systems, and ensure transparency and a fair and equitable transition for affected workers. 

Baby green sea turtle in a plastic cup on the beach on Bangkaru Island, Sumatra.

A strong plastics treaty will deliver a clean, safe planet for us and for our children.

Let’s end the age of plastic!

Ask world leaders to support a global plastics treaty!