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The COVID19 crisis has revealed the vulnerability of our food, economic, healthcare, and welfare systems. We have the power to…

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#Air pollution #fossil fuels #health Your Right To Clean Air

Air pollution is costing lives. Too many of us are breathing dirty, toxic air and facing its direct consequences.

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Airpocalypse IV: National Air Monitoring Programme (NAMP) & ASSESSMENT OF AIR POLLUTION IN INDIAN CITIES

January 2020

This Airpocalypse report is the fourth version in the series of Airpocalypse reports published annually by Greenpeace India since January 2017. The current version of the report “Airpocalypse-IV” analyses and…

Is Delhi’s air quality improving?

November 2019

Recently there have been multiple discussions about air quality improvements in Delhi and some reports also mentioned that Delhi has shown a 25% decrease in air pollution levels between 2016-2018…

New Data Reveals: Twice as many cities violating air quality norms as recognised in National Clean Air Programme

August 2019

Airpocalypse-III-ReportA new report by Greenpeace India has identified 139 cities where air pollution levels exceed national standards but were not included in the National Clean Air Programme (NCAP) that was…

Airpocalypse II - Assessment of air pollution in Indian cities

January 2018

A Greenpeace India report analyses PM10 annual average recorded for 280 cities.

Airpocalypse - Assessment of Air Pollution in Indian Cities

January 2017

This report shows that deadly air pollution is not a problem restricted to Delhi-NCR (National Capital Region) or even to India’s metros.

Coal and dirty development in China & India leads to 1.6 million extra air pollution deaths a year

December 2016

Millions around the world are dying from polluted air, but as countries get richer they usually clean up their air.

Ecological Farming: The seven principles of a food system that has people at its heart

May 2015

Greenpeace’s Food and Farming Vision describes what Ecological Farming means, and how it can be summarised in seven overarching, interdependent principles

BRAI bill: A threat to our food and farming

February 2012

The Biotechnology Regulatory Authority of India (BRAI) bill, 2011, has been proposed by the Ministry of Science and Technology, Government of India. If cleared, this bill will ease the entry…