San Francisco – The Global Climate Action Summit (GCAS) wraps up after three days of new commitments and discussions on addressing climate action.

In response, Greenpeace International Executive Director Jennifer Morgan said:

“We have witnessed the best of some people this week, people who are not only talking about necessary climate action, but are prepared to put that commitment to work through bold and ambitious plans. We need more of that bravery, because we have a long and hard road ahead of us with climate change. And we will have to travel it together.

“We need shared leadership, a shared sense of purpose and a shared willingness to go above and beyond the status quo because we are out of time. GCAS has put a stake in the ground, but the scale of both the problem we are facing and the action needed is unprecedented –  governments must be compelled to respond with ambitious action of their own.

“People and communities are already suffering from extreme weather events and Super Typhoon Mangkhut and Hurricane Florence are the latest chilling reminders of this. How we respond is our moment of truth.

“We’ve seen how New York and London are willing to lead the divestment from fossil fuels, applauded the growth of the Powering Past Coal Alliance and welcomed new commitments to sustainable carbon neutrality. These are the acts of climate leaders. The question is: how many and how fast can others join them?”

Greenpeace welcomes the Call to Action coming from GCAS for all nations to; increase ambition, chart a clear path to net-zero emissions by mid-century and to empower bottom-up climate action.


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