Los Angeles, California — In a dramatic video projection, Greenpeace USA appears to have doused the iconic Hollywood Sign in oil and set it on fire. The powerful visual statement demands US President Joe Biden and other world leaders deliver real climate action at the United Nations’ COP28 climate summit in Dubai. The projection, which occurred Tuesday evening, showed images of extreme weather events impacting California and called out major oil companies for fueling the climate crisis.

Greenpeace USA is the first activist organization to transform the Hollywood Sign with a projection. Watch the full video.

Tefere Gebre, Greenpeace USA Chief Program Officer, said: “The climate crisis is here, and it’s killing us. At the start of COP28, we’re calling on Governor Newsom of California, President Biden, and other world leaders to be the climate champions we so desperately need. 

“To survive and create a more livable world for the future, we need a reckoning that forces fossil fuel polluters to stop drilling and start paying. They must begin to fix the dramatic damage they’ve caused for decades. The solutions are ready, and a fast and fair transition to renewable energy is possible — in California, the United States, and beyond. Our people and planet deserve a ‘Hollywood’ ending.” 

Governments at COP28 must finally heed calls, that grow stronger by the day, to phase out fossil fuels and deliver on climate justice. While the causes and consequences of climate change have never been felt so deeply, the solutions have never been more in reach. The question is no longer how but when.  

Elena Polisano, Greenpeace UK campaigner and spokesperson for Greenpeace’s Make Polluters Pay global campaign, said: “The sight of the Hollywood sign ablaze may look like something from a disaster movie, but the threat posed by climate change is all too real. Fossil fuel companies are making billions in profits and those who did the least to cause the climate crisis are left to pick up the tab.

“At this year’s global climate talks, world leaders have a chance to rewrite the script and put an end to the fossil fuel frenzy that is driving the climate crisis. With concerted international cooperation, we can set ourselves free from fossil fuels and make polluters pay for the damage they are causing to our planet.”


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