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Borkum, Germany – Resistance works. Combined action by Greenpeace activists’ 8 hours of occupation of an offshore gas rig and a court proceeding has had success. The Dutch Council of State has ruled that ONE-Dyas must suspend its planned activity from the platform in the North Sea.[1]

On Friday, Deutsche Umwelthilfe, Greenpeace Netherlands and others had requested an interim measure demanding that ONE-Dyas’ activities be suspended. In today’s ruling, the court announced that the company has to halt the installation of the drilling platform at least until a hearing on this has been held on June 12. The 21 Greenpeace activists have therefore ended their protest on the Prospector 1 gas drilling platform.[2]

Mira Jäger, energy expert from Greenpeace Germany, said: “Today’s events show that people power works! Whether it is occupying a gas rig or challenging it in court, people will not be silent, we are standing up to the fossil fuel industry. As floods and heatwaves devastate people’s homes and claim lives locally and globally, fossil fuel companies are planning several new gas projects across Europe. The science is clear: there’s no room for new oil and gas extraction, if the world is to stay well below 1.5 degrees. Every fraction of a degree of warming spells more extreme weather and more sea level rise impacting millions of people and other living creatures. We call on the EU and its member states to ban new fossil fuel infrastructure projects across Europe. It is a matter of safety and a matter of justice for present and future generations.”[3][4]



[1] Borkum, Germany, 4 June 2024 – Greenpeace activists occupy a fossil gas drilling platform between Germany and the Netherlands.

[2] Read the court order from the Dutch Council of State (in Dutch).

[3] In an open letter to the European Union and its member states, Greenpeace demands a ban on all new fossil fuel projects for a safe future.

[4] “No new oil, gas or coal development if world is to reach net zero by 2050, says world energy body


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