Industrial meat is taking us to the tipping point.

The global system of industrial agriculture fuels the climate emergency and destroys biodiversity. It erodes public health and denies the human rights of workers and communities. 

The industrial meat economy – including the production of animal feed as well as the rearing and processing of livestock – is particularly to blame.

Globally, JBS is the biggest cog in the destructive industrial meat sector. So big is it that its operations have been estimated to produce around half the annual carbon emissions of fossil fuel giants such as ExxonMobil, Shell or BP.

This new report shows that eleven years on from our last report, JBS is still slaughtering the Amazon. It is clear that JBS’s business model is incompatible with the environmental emergency we are facing. 

In spite of the multiple harms for which it is responsible worldwide, the industrial meat sector is propped up by supermarkets and fast food companies. Greenpeace International is calling on supermarkets and fast food chains to join with government and civil society in a concerted effort to move our society beyond its dependence on industrial meat and towards a revolution in food production and diet that will improve individual health outcomes while securing the future of the planet – its climate, its wildlife and its people. 

Download the report: How JBS is still slaughtering the Amazon