If you follow artists and illustrators on Instagram, it is likely you’ve come across the #DrawThisInYourStyle challenge, where artists recreate others illustrations in their own unique style. 

Now the hashtag is being used to help bring to life a small, unique and unknown part of the ocean which is at risk from the mining industry. 

Discovering the Lost City 

In the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, over 750 metres below the water, sits a place called the Lost City. Discovered just 20 years ago, it’s called the Lost City because the giant chimney shaped hydrothermal vents make it look like an abandoned metropolis. 

Its discovery has opened up a new chapter for science,  challenging what people thought about life on Earth. Some are even asking if it holds the key to where life started

But, the discovery of the unique ecosystems has attracted the interest of mining industries. 

The areas around the big venting chimneys also contain rare earth minerals. The deep seabed mining industry wants to scoop, dredge, and destroy places like the Lost City with gigantic machines that look like something straight out of a sci-fi horror film. 

All of the beauty the Lost City holds could be irreversibly damaged – before anyone even fully understands what is there. 

#TheLostCityInYourStyle Challenge 

Art has always been able to show the beauty and wonder of far away places. That’s why we put the call out to artists across the globe to help bring the Lost City and all its wonders to people everywhere.  

The incredible Quentin Blake (yes, the one who illustrated all those books written by legendary author Roald Dahl) and Charlie Adlard (best known for his work on The Walking Dead comic books) kicked off the challenge. 

Charlie Adlard

(Instagram: @charlie_adlard)

Charlie Adlard's artwork

Their creations show the beauty and strangeness of the Lost City. Strange animals with character and beautiful colours and formations usually hidden under the dark ocean depths. 

Quentin Blake

(Instagram: @quentinblake)

Quentin Blake's artwork

Quentin also depicts the looming threat of the deep sea mining industry. A drill cracking open the earth without a creature in sight. 

Quentin Blake's artwork depicting the destruction of the Lost City

Other artists also took up the challenge. Either choosing to showcase the beauty and the threat or focusing in on the magical place of the Lost City to inspire its protection. Take a look…

Alain Bardet

(Instagram: @alain_bardet)

Alain Bardet

Alain Bardet's artwork

Bo Xu

(Instagram: @boxudesign)

Bo Xu's artwork

Bryce Wymer

(Instagram: @brycewymer)

Bryce Wymer's artwork

Catalina Estrada

(Instagram: @catalinaestrada)

Catalina Estrada's artwork

Catalina Estrada's second artwork

Chris Riddell

(Instagram: @chris_riddell)

Chris Riddell's artwork

Chris Riddell's second artwork

Claude Pelet

(Website: cpelet.fr)

Claude Pelet's artwork

Daniel Frost

(Instagram: @danielfrostillustration)

Daniel Frost's artwork

Emma Shoard

(Instagram: @emmashoard)

Emma Shoard's artwork

Emma Shoard's artwork

Essy May

(Instagram: @essy_may)

Essy May's artwork

Fábio Moon

(Instagram: @fabiomoon)

Fabio Moon's artwork

Gabriel Bá

(Instagram: @gabriel_ba)

Gabriel Ba's artwork

Gael de Meyere

(Website: gaeldemeyere.com)

Gael De Meyere's artwork

Gemma Correll

(Instagram: @gemmacorrell)

Gemma Correll's artwork

Guillaume Bianco

(Instagram: @guillaumebianco)

Guillaume Bianco's artwork

Hubert Reeves

(Website: hubertreeves.info)

Hubert Reeves's artwork

Jan Bosschaert

(Website: janbosschaert.be

Jan Bosschaert's artwork

Johan de Moor

(Instagram: @johandemoor4645)

Johan De Moor's artwork

Kate Isobel Scott

(Instagram: @kateisobelscott)

Kate Isobel Scott's artwork

Katharine Mary Hill

(Instagram: @katharinemaryhill)

Katharine Hill's artwork

Kristjana S Williams

(Instagram: @kristjanswilliams)

Kristjana S Williams' artwork

Kristjana S Williams' artwork

Lauren Rolwing 

(Instagram: @LaurenRolwing

Lauren Rolwing's artwork

Lauren Rolwing's artwork

Marcus Walters

(Instagram: @marcuswalters)

Marcus Walters' artwork

Marcus Walters's artwork

Margaux Carpentier

(Instagram: @margauxcarpe)

Margaux Carpentier's artwork

Max Gustafson

(Instagram: @gustafson.max)

Max Gustafson's artwork

Max Lewko

(Instagram: @maxlewko)

Max Lewko's artwork

Max Lewko's artwork

Nina Cosford

(Instagram: @ninacosford)

Nina Cosford's artwork

Nina Cosford's artwork

Olivier Boiscommun

(Instagram: @olivier_g_boiscommun)

Olivier Boiscommun's artwork

Pascale Hecquet

(Website: grifagraf.com)

Pascale Hecquet's artwork


(Instagram: @pate_on_toast)

Pâté's artwork


(Instagram: @smurfs.official)

Peyo's artwork

Sally Fisher

(Instagram: @sallyfisherart)

Sally Fisher's artwork

Sally Fisher's artwork

Sam Dunn

(Instagram: @xsamdunnx)

Sam Dunn's artwork

Shoko Lee

Instagram: @shokoleeartist)

Shoko Lee's artwork

Tanya Saunders

(Instagram: @makeandpaint)

Tanya Saunders' artwork

Tanya Saunders' artwork

Tom Cole

(Instagram: @tomclohosycole)

Tom Cole's artwork

Virginie Morgand 

(Instagram: @virginie.morgand)

Virginie Morgand's artwork

Yan Le Pon

(Website: yan-board.blogspot.com)

Yan Le Pon's artwork

Get involved

  • Draw the Lost City in your style, then post it on Instagram or Twitter using #TheLostCityInYourStyle and #ProtectTheOceans.
  • Sign the petition for a strong Global Ocean Treaty
  • Learn more about the campaign to Protect The Oceans