Sunny and Ho from the animated series, Green Future
Sunny and Ho from the animated series, Green Future
© Green Future / Greenpeace

Best friends Sunny and Ho are just a couple of young, vigorous, and adventurous teenagers wanting to live their best lives. But it’s the year 2100. What does having fun look like? Riding through the city on their air-borne scooters? Sitting at a table in a fancy restaurant and pondering its menu? Or maybe following the trail of some unknown creatures along the seaside?

Sounds exciting, right?

In a three-part animated series, produced by Green Future, Greenpeace’s climate and environmental education project, we explore through the adventures of Sunny and Ho a future world in which the natural wonders are slowly disappearing due to climate change. On a scorching hot day, they visit “The Last Tree” exhibition and encounter butterflies, flowers, and “exotic fruits” that they’ve only ever seen in books. On a seaside adventure following some sea otters into an underwater world, they later learn that it’s a city that has been flooded due to rising sea levels. And at the fine dining restaurant with lamb chops and Iberico pork on the menu, they lose their appetite picturing the amount of land ravaged by the industrial meat industry.

But what is pictured here is also a world that could be if we act on climate change now. Sunny and Ho take us through cities powered by solar and wind. They forgo the meat items on the menu and opt for plant-based. And most of all, through the eyes of two young people, we see what could happen if, standing at the crossroads, we chose the right path for our planet and future generations.

What do you think the year 2100 could look like?

Episode 1 – Heat

Episode 2 – Dining Table

Episode 3 – Below Sea Level

Annie Huang is the Regional Project Leader at Greenpeace East Asia, Taiwan