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The youth have seen enough

by Rex Weyler

Why are global politics so dysfunctional that the UN climate meeting requires a 15-year-old Swedish grade school student to speak the truth? Why does a coalition of youth, outside the…


5 young activists who inspired us this year

by Shuk-Wah Chung

When it comes to climate ambition, these young people put world leaders to shame. This is Zero Hour’s inaugural Youth Climate March on Washington D.C. Led by 16-year-old Jamie Margolin,…

Russel Norman

Democracy and a web of spies

by Russel Norman

Around the beginning of 2017, Greenpeace received leaked information indicating that oil companies we’d opposed had contracted spies to watch staff and volunteers on almost a daily basis, and that…

Russel Norman

We need a Climate Commission with teeth

by Dr Russel Norman

Climate change demands that we change our governing institutional arrangements in profound ways. We need climate institutions with a focus on our agreed long term emission reduction targets, and with…

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