Greenpeace USA Applauds New York Governor Hochul’s Moratorium on Crypto “Mining”

November 28, 2022

We applaud the action taken by Gov. Hochul to address the environmental concerns over the energy-intensive activity of these ‘miners.’

Sacramento, CA (November 28, 2022)– Last week, New York Governor Hochul signed a two-year moratorium on crypto mining. This first of a kind law will put a pause on all new cryptocurrency mining permits at fossil fuel plants and require the state’s Department of Environmental Conservation to conduct a study into the practice’s environmental impacts. 

In response to the moratorium, Rolf Skar, Special Projects Manager at Greenpeace USA, said: “Crypto ‘miners’ who use the energy-intensive Proof of Work model have gone unchecked for too long. They have re-started coal plants and have sucked up more energy than some small countries. This first of a kind law comes at a time when policymakers, the EPA, and concerned citizens are starting to realize that crypto-mining operations are not worth the environmental costs. We applaud the action taken by Gov. Hochul to address the environmental concerns over the energy-intensive activity of these ‘miners.’ 

“We also applaud Gov. Hochul’s use of a moratorium to address this problem. Last year, China banned crypto mining, and as a result, many of the “miners” moved to other countries, including the United States. Moratoriums like this one create a time-out to stop a problem from getting worse while figuring out what to do next. It is time for the Bitcoin community – including companies like Fidelity Investments and Mastercard – to use this two-year moratorium to change Bitcoin’s code away from energy-intensive Proof of Work “mining” to fix its growing climate problem for good.”


Contact: Gigi Singh, Greenpeace USA Senior Communications Specialist, [email protected], 631-404-9977

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