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Oceans Factsheet - Moratorium on Bottom Trawling

Rapport/dokument | 18. oktober, 2004 kl. 0:00

Greenpeace believes that the United Nations must act now by taking, effective actions to ensure the long-term viability of vulnerable deep-sea ecosystems. The first of those actions must be to pass a Resolution declaring an immediate moratorium...

Protecting The Deep Sea Under International Law

Rapport/dokument | 8. oktober, 2004 kl. 0:00

- Legal Options for Addressing High Seas Bottom trawling. Where fishing takes place on the high seas, international regulation is vague, international governance is minimal or non-existent, and reporting is patchy. This gap in current...

CITES Factsheet: Minke Whales

Rapport/dokument | 1. oktober, 2004 kl. 0:00

Following the disastrous impacts of whaling during the 20th century, the International Whaling Commission (IWC) suspended commercial whaling in 1986. CITES has supported the work of the IWC by agreeing to list those whales protected by the IWC on...

Rescuing the North and Baltic Seas: Marine Reserves – a key tool

Rapport/dokument | 1. juli, 2004 kl. 0:00

The biological riches of the North Sea and the Baltic Sea make them of huge importance to the millions of people who live along or inland from their shores. However the close proximity of so many people and the consequent heavy use of these seas...

Bæredygtigt fiskeri og marin reservater

Rapport/dokument | 1. juli, 2004 kl. 0:00

Det er ingen nyhed for fiskere over hele verden at både fangst og fiskenes størrelser bliver mindre. Østersøen og Nordsøen er ingen undtagelse. Mange faktorer spiller ind, ikke mindst fiskeriet selv. Både gennem fjernelse af kommercielle...

A Greenpeace critique

Rapport/dokument | 6. december, 2002 kl. 0:00

Of the communication from the commission to the European Parliament and to the Council on Improving Safety at Sea in response to the Prestige accident COM(2002).

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