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McDonald's: Bad guys do good?

Feature story | 7 February, 2003 at 0:00

McDonalds is one of the last corporations we want to say anything good about. We don't like a lot of what it does and what it stands for but we have to take a deep breath here, and give them some credit where it is due.

Cyberactivists save Finnish forest

Feature story | 5 February, 2003 at 0:00

In just one week, 3000 people sent letters to Finnish companies buying timber and pulp from Finland's last old-growth forests. One of the areas that was scheduled to be logged any day is home to once numerous species that are now endangered or on...

Tank girls occupy war machine

Feature story | 4 February, 2003 at 0:00

Despite growing public opposition to a war with Iraq, day and night British tanks, helicopters and jeeps are streaming though Southampton as part of the build up of the war machine. For over a week we have tried to stop the supplies from loading...

Rainbow Warrior seized

Feature story | 2 February, 2003 at 0:00

For the last six days Greenpeace activists have peacefully protested in a UK port where military supply vessels are preparing for departure to Iraq. A High Court ruling has recognised Greenpeace's right to protest and denied the Defense...

Dow: clean up your mess for the Chinese New Year

Feature story | 30 January, 2003 at 0:00

According to Chinese tradition, every household busies itself cleaning out the mess from the old year before welcoming in the Chinese New Year. Greenpeace is demanding that Dow clean up its mess in Bhopal too.

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