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Nuclear News: Uranium shortage looming

Blog entry by Justin | 24 April, 2009

Today's big stories from the nuclear industry: Resource Investor: Uranium shortage looming ‘An official at China’s National Energy Administration recently stated that the country would stockpile uranium and buy overseas deposits...

Chernobyl day 2009

Image | 24 April, 2009 at 17:30

24 April - Ukraine. On the 23rd anniversary of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster, activists project "Stop nuclear madness. Energy revolution now!" onto the reactor sarcophagus. Read more .

Nuclear Karma is Going to Get EDF

Blog entry by Justin | 23 April, 2009

Three weeks since we first found out that nuclear energy giant Electricité de France (EDF) was embroiled in a spying scandal involving Greenpeace France, Greenpeace Germany is now demanding to know whether Energie Baden-Württemberg AG...

Nuclear News: Malawi uranium mine opened

Blog entry by Justin | 23 April, 2009

Today's big stories from the nuclear industry: World Nuclear News: Kayelekera mine opened ‘A ceremony has been held to mark the official launch of the Kayelekera uranium mine in Malawi. Paladin Energy made a brief announcement...

F-gases and Radiative Forcing

Publication | 23 April, 2009 at 12:16

Greenhouse gases have different strengths – some warm the globe more than others. To measure their net impact on the climate system, we use radiative forcing. The International Panel on Climate Change(IPCC) regularly measures the total net human...

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