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Voices of Pacific Activists: Tereapii Mauriaiti

Blog entry by arook | 21 September, 2009 4 comments

On the Esperanza, Tereapii, or Tere as we call him for short, is the bosun - one who supervises the deckhands and helps the first mate in maintaining the ship. He is from the Cook Islands, where they depend largely on ocean resources...

Special edition of the New York Post

Blog entry by Lisa | 21 September, 2009

>> Check out the online edition. >> Meet Zac, a film maker who volunteered this morning to hand out copies of the Yes Men paper.

Powering the plunder, fueling the fire.

Blog entry by arook | 21 September, 2009 1 comment

In Chinese culture, the number 8 is considered a lucky number, as the word for eight sounds similar to the word meaning ‘prosper’ or ‘wealth’ . I am pretty sure the Chen family network of companies had this in mind when naming their...

Marco Ferraz: ´The optimism of the action is much more valuable than the pessimism of...

Blog entry by arook | 21 September, 2009 3 comments

For Marco Ferraz, being a crew member of the Esperanza is a dream come true. He had always wanted to work for Greenpeace and by a stroke of good luck, he was able to join the ship in Cairns just in time for the first leg of Defending...

tck tck tck ... count down, wake up!

Blog entry by Lisa | 21 September, 2009

Hundreds of volunteers form a human countdown in Central Park as Climate Week kicks off in NYC . Image © Avaaz Global leaders have only three months to get their act together and sign a strong Climate Treaty in Copenhagen.

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