You Can't Muzzle Dissent in a Democracy

Greenpeace India: The price of dissent

In less than a month, Greenpeace India is in danger of closing. Over the last year, we have born the brunt of repeated attacks. In June 2014, all funds coming from Greenpeace's international office were frozen. Read more

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The end to an intense three days

Blog entry by Lisa | 10 July, 2009 1 comment

All our activists are safely down from the smokestacks and coal conveyor belts now. Here's a final entry from Julien - our trusty climate campaigner/ blogger. Here at the top of Brindisi coal-fired power plant, we're gathering our...

4 million dollars of CO2 saved!

Blog entry by Lisa | 10 July, 2009

Update written last night from on top of chimney in Brindisi, by Julien. I'm writing from the top of the chimney stack at Brindisi coal-fired power station, which we have been occupying for more than 41 hours now. We've been up here...

Russian Communists demand return to the 1980s

Blog entry by Martin Lloyd | 10 July, 2009

At least, that might be the explanation for this news that just reached my inbox. "Russian communists launched a campaign against CFL's! Traditionally incandescent lamps called in Russia "Ilich-bulbs" in honor of Vladimir Ilich...

G8 climate action updates

Blog entry by Martin Lloyd | 10 July, 2009

We're at the G8 and taking action against coal - the world's worst climate polluter - across Italy. Follow it all here...

Action Barbie

Blog entry by brianfit | 10 July, 2009 1 comment

What an insane day it was. Avaaz members strip in Rome . Greenpeace occupies four of the biggest polluting coal plants in Italy and puts Obama's face on Mt. Rushmore. Oxfam puts on crazy big heads . WWF pokes fun at the G8...

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