You Can't Muzzle Dissent in a Democracy

Greenpeace India: The price of dissent

In less than a month, Greenpeace India is in danger of closing. Over the last year, we have born the brunt of repeated attacks. In June 2014, all funds coming from Greenpeace's international office were frozen. Read more

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The Whirlpool

Blog entry by Dave | 10 July, 2009 3 comments

Swirling vortices, bright blue rivers, earthquakes, icequakes and 24-hour sunshine. Welcome to the weird world of the Arctic Sunrise, at Petermann Glacier, 81 degrees 11.272 minutes north, 61 degrees 50.892 west. To be exact. For...

Ben up a chimney

Blog entry by Lisa | 9 July, 2009

Greenpeace climate campaigner Ben Stewart talks about why he's living on a coal smokestack during the G8 Summit.

Activists paint a coal ship near Venice

Blog entry by Lisa | 9 July, 2009

In Marghera, near Venice, the occupation continues, with activists on the coal conveyor and the chimney painting 'G8: LEAD OR LOSE. More activists are also occupying the cranes on the wharf, stopping a coal ship – the Bulk Brasil –...

Italian spirit

Blog entry by Lisa | 9 July, 2009

Abi, our solar generation coordinator writes from the coal plant in Vado Ligure. My 7hour trip to Vado Ligure was like gazing at a postcard from the train window -- blue sky and rocky cliffs dropping to the blue green Mediterranean...

Nuclear News: Obama Makes Nuclear Compromise to Pass Clean Energy Bill

Blog entry by Justin | 9 July, 2009

Common Dreams: Obama Makes Nuclear Compromise to Pass Clean Energy Bill The Obama administration endorsed a revival of America's nuclear industry yesterday in an effort to build forward momentum for climate change legislation before...

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