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Climate action in Pittsburg on eve of G20 meeting

Blog entry by Lisa | 23 September, 2009

The action is over now, this was the live stream: There's lots of pictures here And an article here . Now. Fourteen people were arrested in this action and were willing to face jail time to do something about climate change. ...

Thomas Friedman on nuclear energy: wrong again

Blog entry by Justin | 23 September, 2009 1 comment

We’re grateful once again to Areva’s North America blog for pointing us towards yet another laughably woeful piece of pro-nuclear propaganda. This time it’s by Thomas Friedman writing in the New York Times . (Some of you might...

Nuclear News: New Russian nuclear plant worries residents

Blog entry by Justin | 23 September, 2009

Today's big stories from the nuclear industry: New Russian nuclear plant worries residents ’Russia's plans to build a nuclear power plant in its Baltic territory of Kaliningrad, hemmed in between Poland and Lithuania, has local...

To the phones! Call your leader and demand they attend the Copenhagen Climate Summit!

Blog entry by Brian Fitzgerald | 23 September, 2009 8 comments

Dear climate activist, Last night the Danish Government invited heads of state from every nation on Earth to attend the Climate Summit in Copenhagen this December. More than a million of us have already made this demand through the...

Third time lucky? Ask Google CEO about Climate

Blog entry by tom | 23 September, 2009

The UK Times newspaper is looking for questions for Google boss Eric Schmidt by this Friday . With the vital UN Copenhagen climate meeting fast approaching high profile business leaders really should be starting to make their voices...

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