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Change your foodChange your food, change the world: 5 ways to bite away at your food footprint

If you're thinking about changing what you eat to get a healthy body maybe it's also time to think about what you should eat for a healthy planet.

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Blog entry by Justin | 12 June, 2009

In the Spiderman comics and movies, mild-mannered photographer Peter Parker famously gains arachnid superpowers after being bitten by a radioactive spider. We were wondering what superpowers you’d gain if you were stung by a...

Nuclear News: US nuclear industry tries to hijack Obama's climate change bill

Blog entry by Justin | 12 June, 2009

Today's big stories from the nuclear industry: Guardian: US nuclear industry tries to hijack Obama's climate change bill ’America's nuclear industry and its supporters in Congress have moved to hijack Barack Obama's agenda for...

Wake up call in Bonn

Blog entry by Jess | 12 June, 2009

An update on UN Climate negotiations in Bonn, Germany brought to you by our very own Cindy Baxter who has been at the negotiations since the start. Coming to the end of a hard two weeks here at the climate talks in Bonn, we were...

The pathetic words

Blog entry by Martin Lloyd | 12 June, 2009

The Association of Small Island States, many of which face oblivion as the ocean levels rise had this to say at the end of the Bonn climate negotiations. "As we consider our approach for the next sessions let us be mindful of the...

The ‘might’ of the nuclear industry

Blog entry by Justin | 11 June, 2009

From top to bottom, the nuclear industry is built on uncertainty. If a representative of company building a nuclear reactor gives you a firm answer to the questions ‘how much will it cost?’ and ‘when will it be finished?’ they are...

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