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Keeping our ocean wonderland wonderful

Blog entry by Juliette | 24 September, 2009

A common idea to deal with the various resource crisis hitting the planet is not to reduce our consumption, but just find technical fixes. We don't need to adjust, we just need to have brighter ideas! This principle has been used...

UN & G20 vs tar sands: battle for our climate

Blog entry by laurak | 24 September, 2009

What a busy - and ironic - week of meetings we are coming to the end of right now. It kicked off with 100 heads of state and government at the UN headquarters in New York, and has now moved on to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - host of the...

Climate action in Pittsburg on eve of G20 meeting

Blog entry by Lisa | 23 September, 2009

The action is over now, this was the live stream: There's lots of pictures here And an article here . Now. Fourteen people were arrested in this action and were willing to face jail time to do something about climate change. ...

Thomas Friedman on nuclear energy: wrong again

Blog entry by Justin | 23 September, 2009 1 comment

We’re grateful once again to Areva’s North America blog for pointing us towards yet another laughably woeful piece of pro-nuclear propaganda. This time it’s by Thomas Friedman writing in the New York Times . (Some of you might...

Nuclear News: New Russian nuclear plant worries residents

Blog entry by Justin | 23 September, 2009

Today's big stories from the nuclear industry: New Russian nuclear plant worries residents ’Russia's plans to build a nuclear power plant in its Baltic territory of Kaliningrad, hemmed in between Poland and Lithuania, has local...

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