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There are times when green paint isn’t enough

Blog entry by Justin | 29 September, 2009

We love pictures and photographs that portray nuclear energy as ‘green’. We have a small collection of which we’re very proud. This is one of our favourites - the nuclear symbol adorned with flowers and leaves. It’s supposed to give...

Nuclear News: Nuclear sites fear being the alternative to Yucca Mountain

Blog entry by Justin | 29 September, 2009

Today's big stories from the nuclear industry: Nuclear sites fear being the alternative to Yucca WASHINGTON -- It is among the nastiest substances on earth: more than 14,000 tons of highly radioactive waste left over from the...

No redemption

Blog entry by laurak | 29 September, 2009 6 comments

During our action in the tar sands of northern Alberta, Canada last week we were running a Twitter and comment feed on the Stop the Tar Sands landing page - so that while people watched the live video feed of our activists they...

Human Voices: Breathing life into numbers

Blog entry by Lisa | 29 September, 2009

When I arrived in New York last week to follow the journey of four women from across the world during Climate Week - I knew I would find some interesting stories. And I expected to feel a little emotional - but I had no idea how...

A black (and yellow) day for Germany?

Blog entry by Justin | 28 September, 2009 2 comments

So, Angela Merkel’s black Christian Democratic Union (CDU) party wins enough seats in Germany’s national election to allow her to form a coalition with the yellow Free Democratic Party (FDP). What do you get when you put black and...

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