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Protect Olive TreesVillagers met with violence while protecting olive trees

The Kolin Group wants the olive trees cut down to make way for a new coal power plant.

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Accidental releases of list of US nuclear sites: coincidence?

Blog entry by Justin | 5 June, 2009

...maybe. But weird for sure. On Wednesday and Thursday this week, your eye might have caught something strange among the nuclear news. Let's see... How often has it happened to you that you send an email to the wrong person, or say...

Nuclear News: Pickering Nuclear Power Station Lacks Experienced Staff To Deal With...

Blog entry by Justin | 5 June, 2009

Today's big stories from the nuclear industry: AHN: Pickering Nuclear Power Station Lacks Experienced Staff To Deal With Serious Accident, Emergencies ’Calgary, Alberta (AHN) - The Chalk River nuclear reactor shutdown has Canada...

Making the Ministry of Rice

Blog entry by Lisa | 5 June, 2009 1 comment

Lucy, one of our video producers at Greenpeace International, made the new video for our campaign against GM rice . Here's the story she's written about how it all came together with photos by Raffa and Tulio, from our video...

Tusk's going, will Obama join him?

Blog entry by Martin Lloyd | 5 June, 2009

Yesterday Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk confirmed that he will be attending the Climate Summit in Copenhagen, after Greenpeace activists presented him with a petition and a copy of our demands. You can see them here in his hand. ...

Dead humpback found on bow of Exxon tanker

Blog entry by brianfit | 5 June, 2009 6 comments

Honestly, people. You can't make this stuff up. An ExxonMobil oil tanker arrived in the port of Valdez (yes, the site of the Exxon-valdez oil spill) with a dead humpback whale stuck on its bow that (really, I'm not making this up) ...

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