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Nuclear News: French government forces Areva's 'iron lady' to bend

Blog entry by Justin | 30 June, 2009

Today's big stories from the nuclear industry: Financial Times: French government forces Areva's 'iron lady' to bend ’Areva's board meets today to rubber stamp what was always inevitable - the sale of the nuclear group's...


Blog entry by Lisa | 30 June, 2009 6 comments

I am a British trouble maker, originally from Bermuda, and I have been involved with Greenpeace since 2004. I started off as a cyberactivist and won a competition to volunteer for Greenpeace in China . I then did a few stints as a...

Arctic Sunrise on Top of the World

Blog entry by Dave | 30 June, 2009 4 comments

The crew of the Arctic Sunrise is on top of the world today, for many mindblowing reasons. As I write this, the ship is nudged up against the sea ice of the Arctic Ocean at 82.5 north – a latitude higher than any Greenpeace ship has...

Obama heard us, but will he listen?

Blog entry by Martin Lloyd | 29 June, 2009 1 comment

Barack Obama knows we're not happy "I think that the Waxman-Markey bill represents a great start. And I suspect that the Senate is going to come in -- that there's going to be a strong overlap, but not perfect overlap; the final...

Nukes are a dangerous waste of time and money

Blog entry by Justin | 29 June, 2009

How this works: The accumulating costs above are based on the EUR 1.7 billion overrun announced by Areva/TVO plus an extra EUR 1.2 billion which will be needed to purchase electricity that has not been produced by Olkiluoto-3 since...

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