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Global Warming Beer

Blog entry by Dave | 6 August, 2006

Well, it's good to see that someone's benefiting from global warming - an Inuit microbrewery in Narsq, Greenland , has foisted 66,000 litres of a new ale - Greenland Beer - onto the Danish market - using the pure meltwater from the...

Geezer! Climate Change Swimmer Stops off at Downing St

Blog entry by Dave | 3 August, 2006

Lewis Pugh - the hardcore swimmer who has completed long distance swims in the Arctic and Antarctic, as well as all the major oceans, pitched up on the doorstep of the UK's Prime Minister, Tony Blair, today. Lewis, who is currently ...

Slime, plastic, acidic water and red tides

Blog entry by Andrew | 3 August, 2006

Following up on Dave's post about the multimedia piece in the LA Times . It actually covers a whole range of threats to the oceans. We're still dumping a whole range of pollutants into the oceans - fertilizer run off, byproducts of...

Marine Debris: The Trash Vortex

Blog entry by Dave | 2 August, 2006

This horrific article comes from the front page of today's Los Angeles Times: "On Midway Atoll, 40% of albatross chicks die, their bellies full of trash. Swirling masses of drifting debris pollute remote beaches and snare wildlife.

July 2006: The Month in Photographs

Blog entry by Dave | 2 August, 2006

Check out this roundup of photographs from last month's worldwide activities »

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