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WWF Slams EU Fisheries Policy

Blog entry by Dave | 9 June, 2006 1 comment

"Today, the European Commission presented a Green Paper on a future maritime policy, which aims to integrate policies concerning all marine-related activities — shipping, industry, trade, tourism, energy, fisheries and marine research...

Marine Reserves Now!

Blog entry by Dave | 1 June, 2006 2 comments

© Greenpeace/Gavin Newman Gavin, our photographer/cameraman on board the Esperanza , took this "Marine Reserves Now!" banner beside an octopus off the coast of Menorca. We're calling for a global network of marine reserves, covering...

Where have all the tuna gone?

Blog entry by Dave | 1 June, 2006

© Greenpeace/Gavin Newman 29 May 2006 - Balearic Islands , Mediterranean Sea. Greenpeace divers with underwater banner reading 'Where have all the tuna gone' in Balearic Islands, Spain - a breeding ground for the bluefin tuna. Read...

Amazonia is burning for our food

Blog entry by Dave | 30 May, 2006

© Greenpeace / Andreas Varnhorn 28 May 2006, Frankfurt, Germany "Amazonia is burning for our food". 300 Greenpeace activists covering 2000 trees with flame posters to demonstrate against destructive logging for soya plantations in the...


Blog entry by Dave | 29 May, 2006 2 comments

My name is Brian Fitzgerald and I'm head of Digital Communications at Greenpeace International. I joined Greenpeace on February 11th, 1982 and have been put to work or volunteered over the years since then as an activist, deckhand,...

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