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Whale reprieve from military sonar

Blog entry by Andrew | 4 July, 2006 2 comments

A US judge has temporarily put a stop to US Navy plans to use high powered military sonar during planned multinational war games near Hawaii. From the Honolulu Advertiser : A California federal judge yesterday blocked the use of...

Mothers fight against first Turkish nuclear power plant

Blog entry by Lisa | 4 July, 2006

It's great to see that plans for Turkey's first nuclear power plant are facing opposition thanks to a bunch of middle aged women . Having suffered the effects of Chernobyl in this Black Sea region many people are against nuclear...

View from the North Pole

Blog entry by Andrew | 3 July, 2006

© Eric Larsen/Greenpeace This is Lonnie and Eric. On July 1st they became the first people ever to complete a summer trek to the North Pole. Last year I worked with Eric on board the Arctic Sunrise, after their first (failed)...

New study sheds light

Blog entry by Lisa | 3 July, 2006

Ban the Bulb In light of a new study by the International Energy Agency it looks like using energy efficient bulbs should be the number 1 thing to do on any environmentalist's everyone's list! Or perhaps people shouldn't have the...

KFC = Klearing Forest for Chickens

Blog entry by Dave | 15 June, 2006 2 comments

As we revealed in early April, McDonald's have been implicated in the clearance of the Amazon rainforest to grow soya for animal feed and, thanks to the thousands of emails and letters you sent, they're talking to us about how they...

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