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Greenpeace Ship banned from St Kitts on eve of whale meeting

Blog entry by Dave | 14 June, 2006 1 comment

As the International Whaling Commission (IWC) meeting kicks off in St. Kitts, our ship, the Arctic Sunrise has been refused entry to the island nation. The AS was was due to arrive two days ago, ahead of the meeting, which opens on...

Smoking Kills!

Blog entry by Dave | 14 June, 2006

© Bernd Arnold/Greenpeace June 13: Activists project ""CO2 Kills!" on the cooling tower of the coal energy plant Neurath, Grevenbroich, Germany. Greenpeace warns against the devastating consequences of allowing coal power plants to...

Papua New Guinea: Activists harrassed

Blog entry by Dave | 13 June, 2006

Greenpeace Forest Campaigner Sam Moko talks to Rimbunan Hijau security guards while attempting to deliver Rimbunan Hijau with the Golden Chainsaw Award. True to form, Asia's biggest logging company, Rimbunan Hijau (RH), intimidated...

Bottom Trawling in the news

Blog entry by Dave | 13 June, 2006

This week, the Oceans and Law of the Sea meeting is going on at the UN, which has kicked bottom trawling back into the news again... 10 football pitches of ocean floor devastated each 4 secs As the kick-off to the...

GE cotton killed sheep in India?

Blog entry by Dave | 13 June, 2006

This report just in via Indymedia: There is yet another controversy linked to the genetically modified Bt cotton plant and this time it is the alarming reports of sheep and goat taking ill, even dying after grazing on leftover Bt...

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