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Blog entry by Dave | 29 May, 2006 2 comments

My name is Brian Fitzgerald and I'm head of Digital Communications at Greenpeace International. I joined Greenpeace on February 11th, 1982 and have been put to work or volunteered over the years since then as an activist, deckhand,...


Blog entry by Dave | 29 May, 2006 10 comments

Hi - I'm Dave Walsh, I'm from Ireland, and I'm a roving Greenpeace web editor. Right now I'm sitting at a desk on dry land, but I've spent a lot of the last couple of years on board ships like the Rainbow Warrior and the Esperanza ,...

Don't play with the Amazon!

Blog entry by Dave | 12 May, 2006

© Greenpeace / Kurt Prinz At the opening of the EU - Latin America Summit in Vienna, a Greenpeace activist dressed in the Brazilian football team's uniform, waves a banner reading 'Don't play around with the Amazon!'. We're calling...

South American Queen of Carnival meets EU - Latin American Heads of State!

Blog entry by Dave | 12 May, 2006

I bet they never expected this! Evangelina Carrozzo, the Carnival Queen of Argentina, showed up today at the EU - Latin American Countries Summit in Vienna, wearing a rather provocative outfit, to implore Presidents Vazquez ...

Greenpeace Argentina shortlisted for Mobile Messaging Awards

Blog entry by Dave | 11 May, 2006

Our guys in Argentina have been shortlisted for the "Best messaging app: Public Sector/not for profit" of the Mobile Messaging Awards . The Mobile Messaging awards are open to all companies with a suitable messaging product, service...

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