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Iceland to export fin whales

Feature story | 10 November, 2006 at 0:00

An Icelandic whaling company has said it will ignore an international ban on the trade of endangered species, and export its catch to Japan. But it remains unclear if in Japan the demand even exists. The meat will first need to be tested for...

Brazil: Changes in climate, changes in lives

Blog entry by Dave | 9 November, 2006

Here's a video from Greenpeace Brazil - with English subtitles - about the effects of climate change in Brazil Report (in English) » Report (in Portugeuse) » Stop climate change »

Stop motion video from Honolulu

Blog entry by eoin | 9 November, 2006

Elaine Hill, our resident graphic designer, photographed this stop motion video. She wrote: "I was on holiday in Hawaii and went to welcome the Greenpeace ship Esperanza into port. She was taking a while so I thought I'd take a series...

Kimberly-Clark in Torino: Stop flushing ancient forests down the toilet

Blog entry by Dave | 9 November, 2006

© Greenpeace/Andrea Guermani "Stop flushing ancient forests down the toilet" - that's what that banner says, hanging from the rooftop of the European headquarters of the world's largest paper tissue manufacturer, Kimberly-Clark. Also...

Getting Down! To business...

Blog entry by Jake | 9 November, 2006

I remember reading "The Big Book of Peace" when I was little. It was a beautful childrens book full of short stories and poems by different authors. In one of the stories a demonstration gets cancelled because of rain and the people...

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