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Laws of the Sea

Blog entry by Martin Lloyd | 26 October, 2006

When you work in IT you pick up what's called 'domain knowledge' - which is to say information about whatever industry you happen to be providing IT for. It's why I can tell you about world rally cars, direct mail order businesses,...

We love our Macs! But Mac Expo doesn’t love Green my Apple!

Feature story | 26 October, 2006 at 0:00

We here at Greenpeace pride ourselves in getting into places we're not supposed to be, like nuclear power plants and weapons test sites. So it really, really hurts to get kicked out of something like the Mac Expo -- where we had permission to...

Green my Apple hits London

Blog entry by tom | 25 October, 2006

Not content with the popular Green my Apple website we hit London today to take the Green my Apple message in to the real world at the Mac Expo in London, which starts tomorrow. Like the committed activists we obviously are we hit...

Photographs: Whale Killing in Iceland

Blog entry by Dave | 25 October, 2006 6 comments

© One of our Oceans campaigners, Sarah, has just pointed out this posting to Galley Gossip . A user called "" has linked to their account, with some absolutely amazing but horrifically graphic...

The return of the Greenpeace Cyberactivist Community

Blog entry by brianfit | 24 October, 2006 7 comments

We've soft-launched the new Greenpeace discussion forum ! Greenpeace loyalists will remember the fun we had over the years at the old GCC, where we named the Greenpeace ship "Esperanza" in an online competition found a...

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