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Icelandic tourist troubles

Blog entry by Andrew | 2 November, 2006 2 comments

Apparently, the tourists are starting to be turned off by Iceland's commercial whaling. As the London Times reports , this comes as no surprise to Iceland's whale watching operators: Dozens have cancelled their holidays in the past...

The melting Trift Glacier, Switzerland

Blog entry by Dave | 2 November, 2006

Trift Glacier, Gadmental, Berner, Oberland Switzerland. Composite image of 3 pictures showing glacier retreat from 1948 to 2006. From left to right: 1948, 2002, 2006 Greenpeace activists sunbath on the glacier of the Marmolada...

Activists shut down UK's Didcot coal-fired power station (updated)

Blog entry by Dave | 2 November, 2006 6 comments

© Greenpeace It's a chilly morning in Oxfordshire - and it was even colder at 5:30 am, where some of my friends and colleagues shut down one of Britain's dirtiest power stations - in a bid to stop climate chaos. Thirty volunteers...

Demarche against Iceland whaling

Feature story | 1 November, 2006 at 18:52

Today, 26 nations delivered a formal diplomatic protest (called a "demarche") to the Icelandic government. The protest was led by the UK and signed by nations from around the world including the US, Australia, Brazil, France, Germany, Finland...

Breathing Oceans

Blog entry by Dave | 1 November, 2006

Every second breath you take comes from the oceans: Breathing Oceans »

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