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Greenpeace India: The price of dissent

In less than a month, Greenpeace India is in danger of closing. Over the last year, we have born the brunt of repeated attacks. In June 2014, all funds coming from Greenpeace's international office were frozen. Read more

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The Green Light District of Amsterdam. What?

Blog entry by Dave | 17 October, 2006 9 comments

© Greenpeace/Lombardi Well, with all this talk of " climate porn ", some of our activists in Amsterdam have gone one better - they've set up a "Green Light District" in the heart of Amsterdam's Red Light District by replacing the...

300 million and counting

Blog entry by Richard | 17 October, 2006

At 07:46 East Coast Time on the 17th October 2006 in the United States, a momentous event occurred. The 300 millionth American was born. Or as some people in the US have been pointing out, they most likely just walked across the border...

Iceland resumes commercial whaling

Feature story | 17 October, 2006 at 0:00

In Iceland, the whale watching industry contributes more to the national economy than commercial whaling did before it was put on hold in the '80s. Yet now, after 17 years, Iceland has officially resumed commercial whaling.

Tuna: Yes, it really is a fish, no, it's not nice to dolphins, and it's in deep deep ...

Blog entry by Dave | 13 October, 2006 6 comments

This is tuna: This is also tuna: © Greenpeace/Alex Hofford The current webbie on the Esperanza, Richella, has been writing about tuna today . Funny this, as I'd been thinking about tuna myself the last few days (yes, I think...

Fish and sex trade

Feature story | 13 October, 2006 at 0:00

Fishing and prostitution might be the two oldest professions. But the exploitation of both is creating new vulnerabilities for Pacific islands as the whole world increasingly comes to fish in its waters. Ben Bohane reports from Kiribati.

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