• Japan to Defy UN Court and Continue Whaling

    Japanese whaling

    There has been disappointing and worrying news today. The Government of Japan has announced that it intends to return to the Southern Ocean to hunt whales in 2015. It has also officially announced that it will again send its factory whaling ship to hunt whales in the North Pacific, although it plans to target fewer whales. Read more


  • Participate in an Earth Day Vine Challenge!


    We're asking you to get creative this Earth Day by using the video app Vine to share your favorite offline moments with us! Use #GPVineChallenge to submit your Vine and we'll feature the best ones next week. Find out more!


  • Timber from the Amazon Rife with Fraud

    AmazonOver the past several years Brazil has developed systems to control the flow of illegal timber in the Amazon but unfortunately these systems stop way short of addressing illegality, according to a Brazilian Federal Prosecutor. Read more

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