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  • 5 Climate Things We are Thankful for

    #climatethanksIt’s #ClimateThanks time, when people and organizations across the world share what they’re thankful for when it comes to fighting climate change. Here are just a few things Greenpeace is thankful for. Have your own #ClimateThanks? Sends them to us @greenpeaceusa, using the hashtag. And happy Thanksgiving! Read more

  • Endangered species pay the price of palm oil's expansion

    Endangered speciesThere have been a number of reports in recent months shedding light on the serious threat industrial agribusiness plantations can pose to the habitat of large mammals. Be this the gorilla,the chimpanzee, the forest elephant or numerous others. Companies may play down the threat but this cannot be a coincidence. Read more

  • Best Buy Is Wasting Ancient Forests, One Flyer at at Time

    Best BuyToday Greenpeace released a report exposing Best Buy, the giant electronics retailer, for fueling destruction in Canada’s Boreal Forest. Our report reveals the company is sourcing an incredible 100 million pounds of paper every year from this ancient forest to produce throw-away flyers. Read more


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