People Vs Shell
  • Why is Obama Letting the EPA Slow-walk Chemical Plant Safety?

    Chemical securityTwo years ago on April 17th, following the deadly chemical fertilizer disaster in West, Texas President Obama spoke at the memorial service of the fifteen victims of that preventable calamity, most of whom were first responders, saying, “we’ll be there even after the cameras leave and after the attention turns elsewhere.” Read more

  • Clean Coal Pumps Green Oil

    Carbon Capture ScamGreenpeace USA just released "Carbon Capture Scam (CCS): How a False Climate Solution Bolsters Big Oil," a report explaining why support for carbon capture and sequestration (CCS) must stop. Read more

  • Rite-Aid Making the Wrong Choice for Ancient Forests

    Rite Aid Wrong ChoiceUnlike many major companies with a huge paper footprint, Rite-Aid is making the wrong choice by not having a forests policy, an action that would prevent Rite-Aid from buying paper from unwanted sources. Forest destruction is unhealthy for the planet as well as the people and species who consider the forest their home. Read more

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