• Green Twitter Bird Hatches


    Greenpeace activists unveiled a new logo for Twitter outside the company’s San Francisco headquarters: a person-sized, green version of Twitter’s famous icon. Read more


  • 9 victories for a greener Internet!

    Click Clean

    We’re happy to report that many technology companies are using their trademark innovation to power their corners of the internet in increasingly green ways. Six internet leaders have committed to powering their operations with 100% clean energy. In the process, they are not only shifting the attitudes of their competitors, but the entire power sector as well. Read more


  • Big news for an embattled wolf

    WolfThe Alexander Archipelago wolf is a fascinating top predator, unique to the coastal temperate rainforest of Southeast Alaska. Today it came a step closer to being listed as threatened or endangered by the US Fish & Wildlife Service, a result of our work.Read more

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