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  • Why Cleaning Up an Arctic Oil Spill Would Be Impossible

    Protect the ArcticOil spills are a terrible, horrible, no good, very big mess, even in in the best of times. But as a new report shows, cleaning up an oil spill in the pristine Arctic Ocean would be next to impossible. Read more

  • Bringing Balance to the Bering Sea

    Bering SeaThis week in Seattle billboards and posters are popping up with a message for companies that profit from the sale of our ocean wildlife. Greenpeace, Mission Blue, and Marine Conservation Institute — three organizations committed to protecting important ocean places — have joined up to tell supermarkets that we need their help to protect special ocean places, like America’s Grand Canyons in the Sea. Read more

  • Interview: Greenpeace campaigner shares her stories after winning award from NAACP

    Monica EmbreyFor anyone who’s packed up their things and moved to a whole new part of the country to make a difference, meet Greenpeace Field Organizer Monica Embrey. In October, Embrey was awarded the “Distinguished Service” award from the NAACP for her “true leadership through the service” to the Charlotte, NC, region. Greenpeace sat down with Embrey to talk about the award, campaigning with Greenpeace, and the role of race in future activism. Read more


Statement from Greenpeace US Executive Director, Annie Leonard, on Nazca Lines Situation