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Happening now: LEGOs not happy with LEGO for partnering with Shell

  • Play Time! Green Living Guide to green toys

    Toxic toysToys have been around for ages, providing the newest generations of our species with amusement, education, and tools for their imaginations – enabling the growth of fond memories and dreams to fuel their lives ahead. But, as our new Executive Director Annie Leonard loves to remind us, every purchase that we make -including toys – comes at a cost. Not just to our pocket books, but to our environment and human lives. So, how do we make sure that the toys we bring into our children's lives are healthy on these grounds? Read more

  • Bee-killing insecticides linked to decline in bird populations

    Bee-killing insecticides linked to decline in bird populationsIt's been widely reported now that neonicotinoids, a class of pesticides, are significantly linked to a steep decline in bee populations. Now, it seems the insecticides are also impacting bird populations in Europe. Read more

  • VIDEO: Everything is NOT awesome in LEGOland

    Greenpeace Greenpeace partnered with award-winning creative agency Don't Panic to create a stirring and innovative film illuminating the connecting between LEGO, Shell and reckless Arctic drilling. Read more


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