Greener Electronics Sony Ericsson Ranking – 6th Edition

Sony Ericsson moves up from 2nd place to take the lead, by improving on its reporting of quantities of old mobile phones being recycled. The company states its strong support for the precautionary principle and Individual Producer Responsibility. It has a timeline of January 1, 2008, for eliminating brominated flame retardants in two remaining applications and the same timeline for substituting phthalates, beryllium and some uses of antimony compounds. All new models of mobile phones put on the market since 2006 are free from PVC plastic. However, Sony Ericsson has lost points on grounds of the information it provides to customers about how to recycle obsolete phones – conclusions reached by Greenpeace assessing Sony Ericsson’s global takeback program. Inquiries to local Sony Ericsson representatives revealed that no takeback service is offered in Thailand, Russia, Argentina and India.

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