Like many other rapidly growing cities, Bengaluru is struggling with a range of transport problems that are impacting the daily lives of its residents. The city’s roads suffer from heavy traffic congestion and its bus network is often reported to be overcrowded and unreliable. Moreover, with Bengaluru’s air quality being one of the worst in the country, it is imperative to find sustainable alternatives for public mobility. 

Our latest report, “Relying on bus: Studying the impacts of Bengaluru’s bus lane on bus use” analyses the impact of Bengaluru’s exclusive bus priority lanes and reveals their far reaching impacts on public bus users. The report, which is based on an on-board survey of 979 bus users, was conducted between May and July 2022 on Bengaluru’s only bus priority lane on Outer Ring Road. The study sheds light on the bus lane’s positive effects on travel time and potential solutions to Bengaluru’s air pollution crisis, as well as the bus users’ overwhelming support for bus lanes across Bengaluru. The report’s findings underscores the importance of investing in dedicated bus lanes across our cities.