As the participation of women in the formal and informal workforce increases, access to public transportation and the need for a gender responsive public transport system has become crucial. In 2019, the Delhi government introduced the free bus ride scheme for women to promote better access to public transport and increase women ridership in public buses. Although there has been an increase in the ridership of women using buses in Delhi, there are several issues that women commuters still face while using public bus transportation.

Our latest report “Halt for women bus users in Delhi” sheds light on the underlying gender discrimination experienced by women bus users since the introduction of the free bus scheme in 2019. Based on a survey of 500 women bus users in Delhi conducted during 2023, the report reveals shocking statistics about bus not halting for women at bus stops as well as discriminatory behaviour by male bus users and bus workers. The report further elucidates potential solutions to make public transport safer and accessible for women. These include inducting more women as bus workers, introducing women’s only buses and mini-buses, and gender sensitisation of bus workers and the public, among other important measures.