Amsterdam, Netherlands – In response to French President Macron’s move to put the Amazon rainforest fires onto the G7 Summit agenda this weekend, Greenpeace International Executive Director Jennifer Morgan made the following statement:

“This is a climate emergency demanding urgent action that meets the scale of the challenge. Brazil has a responsibility to the world to protect the lungs of the Earth, but G7 leaders must not use the Amazon fires as a smokescreen to hide their own failures to act at home. G7 leaders must demonstrate to the world the urgency required by rapidly embracing known key solutions to the climate and land crises.

“As fires rage in Siberia and the Amazon, this month’s IPCC land report brought to light the critical need to protect and restore forests and for sweeping changes to the global food system. Meat and dairy consumption must be cut 50% globally by 2050 and rich countries such as the G7 should reduce that even further.

“G7 leaders have a duty to respond with everything in their power to end the use of fossil fuels, protect the world’s forests and lead agricultural change. They can make those national commitments at this Summit. Our forests and our hopes are running out of time. Expressions of regret over the Amazon fires and offers of help are fine, but are woefully inadequate.”

Greenpeace France Executive Director Jean-François Julliard added:

“Once again, Emmanuel Macron is making bold statements which have yet to be matched by actions and political decisions. France and other developed countries are responsible for the dire Amazon situation through their economies and contribution to imported deforestation, fuelled by ill-designed public policies in sectors like agriculture, timber and bio-energies.”


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