Caught in the crossfire

From Australia to Russia to the United States, disastrous mega-fires cause immeasurable damage. More and more are a direct result of human activity from burning fossil fuels and farming expansion.

In Brazil and Indonesia, precious rainforests are cut down and burned to make room for cattle, soy and palm oil farms for giant corporations.

Smoke and haze travel hundreds of kilometres and cover rural and urban centres alike, damaging human health and aggravating respiratory illnesses in the age of COVID-19.

Millions of animals die every year from the effects of fires. And wildfires wreak havoc on Indigenous forest communities and local populations.

Ban the burn

We must end our use of fossil fuels now to halt the global heating that fuels wildfires.

We must protect and restore ecosystems that are more resilient to fires and ban once and for all using fires to clear land for commodity-driven agriculture that destroy our planet for corporate greed.

We demand that carbon emissions from fires are addressed in international climate action.

Help us ban the burn.

Things you can do

We want you to take action because together we’re strong.

#Coal #Fires #Health Join the movement for clean air

Join the movement demanding solutions to the air pollution crisis.

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#Fires #Food #Forests #Health Prevent uncontrollable global fires

Demand that corporations and governments end the use of fossil fuels to halt the global heating that fuels wildfires.

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#Fires #Forests Stand for Forests

Demand governments to address the broken food system and protect people and nature – not corporations.

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#Fires #Forests Act for the Amazon

We must protect the Amazon and the Indigenous Peoples fighting for it. Join the movement!

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Making Mincemeat of the Pantanal

March 2021

World’s largest meat processor JBS and its leading competitors slaughtered cattle purchased from ranchers linked to the 2020 Pantanal fires.

Under Fire

December 2019

Brazil’s forests and savannahs remain at the frontline of industrial agriculture’s war on the world’s climate, the environment and traditional communities.

The Final Countdown: Now or never to reform the palm oil industry

September 2018

A Greenpeace investigation has exposed how the world’s biggest brands are still linked to rainforest destruction in Indonesia.

Moment of Truth

March 2018

Halting and beginning to reverse the destruction of the world’s forests for agriculture is the cheapest, quickest and most equitable option to stabilise the climate and buy time for a…