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#Biodiversity #Oceans

Ban Bottom Trawling on Seamounts

At home and far out to sea, our oceans are being plundered for profit by the fishing industry.

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#Biodiversity #Oceans #Plastics

Protect The Oceans

From climate change and plastics, to deep sea mining and overfishing -  the threats facing our oceans are growing and…

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#Oceans #Plastics

End Pointless Plastic

We know that plastics are choking our oceans, and putting the creatures that call it home at risk. We need…

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#Democracy #Oceans

Demand an independent inquiry into fisheries management

Two recently leaked Government reports into hoki and southern blue whiting have revealed that deep water fishing vessels have been…

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Create an Antarctic Ocean Sanctuary

Protect the last great wilderness.

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#Oceans #Oil&Gas

Save Māui and Hector’s dolphins

Maui and Hector's dolphins are a species on the brink, and they deserve our protection. Submit on the threat management…

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