The Climate Crisis Issues & Threats

There's no question that our planet is warming, but we CAN prevent a climate catastrophe. Only a small handful of companies are responsible for the majority of the greenhouse gas emissions causing global warming. In fact, just 90 fossil fuel companies account for almost two-thirds of carbon dioxide emissions since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution.

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Climate deniers don’t want to acknowledge these facts, but it’s imperative that we stand together and demand change.


Coal was once king in the United States, even accounting for more than 40 percent of our electricity. But coal, the most polluting of all fossil fuels, is bad news for our health and the environment. The good news is people around the world are moving away from dirty, polluting coal in favor of clean, renewable, affordable energy.

Right now, we have the chance to quit coal for good and keep remaining U.S. coal reserves in the ground.

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The last thing the world needs is more oil. As with other fossil fuels, our reliance on oil is fueling climate change, polluting priceless landscapes, and costing billions of dollars. The US government has subsidized coal, oil, and gas for decades, despite the fact that a majority of voters want to end fossil fuel subsidies. Fossil fuel companies are fighting to keep oil on life support, but we’re fighting back.

We’ve got great opportunities today to build a cleaner energy system in time to avoid the worst impacts of climate change — and oil has no part in it.

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Fracking is the fossil fuel industry’s latest false solution to our energy challenge. It’s more expensive, more polluting, and more dangerous than clean, renewable energy. Fracking is diverting money and attention from the real long-term solutions we need for a sustainable energy system, while adding to greenhouse gas pollution and environmental degradation.

So why are we pursuing fracking in the first place?

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Nuclear Energy

Nuclear energy has no place in a safe, clean, sustainable future. Nuclear energy is both expensive and dangerous, and just because nuclear pollution is invisible doesn’t mean it’s clean. Renewable energy is better for the environment, the economy, and doesn’t come with the risk of a nuclear meltdown.

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