Briefings on Nuclear Power

Sivu - syyskuu 16, 2010
Factsheets on Olkiluoto 3, new reactor projects and waste disposal plans in Finland as well as international briefings on nuclear power.

Olkiluoto 3


Briefings on the situation in Finland

New problems in Olkiluoto

Olkiluoto 3 and new nuclear projects - promises versus reality

Waste disposal plans in Finland

Revolution of sustainable energy -  Greenpeace's energy solutions for Finland


Detailed information on Olkiluoto 3 safety violations

Hirch 2010: Assesment of I&C problems of the EPR

Hirsch H. 2009: Statement on the Separation of Safety I&C and Operational I&C.

Hirsch H. 2008: Potential Significance of Alleged Misconducts at the Welding of OL3.

Hirsch H., Neumann W. Progress and Quality Assurance Regime at the EPR Construction at Olkiluoto - Safety Implications of Problems Encountered. May 2007.

Finnish Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority STUK 2006: Management of safety requirements in subcontracting during the Olkiluoto 3 nuclear power plant construction phase.

Large&Associates 2005: European Pressurised  Reactor at Olkiluoto 3, Finland - Review of the Finnish Radiation & Nuclear Safety Authority (STUK) Assessment.


Safety threats in Olkiluoto 3 pinpointed on a diagram of a pressurized water reactor

Nuclear waste dump - what can go wrong?



Olkiluoto 3 and  new projects in Finland - presentation in Berlin

Finnish "solution" to nuclear waste - presentation to UK committee on spent fuel management

Revolution of sustainable energy in Finland


International briefings

What would a nuclear boom look like? - Briefing by Greenpeace Helsinki office

A series of briefings by the Greenpeace international nuclear campaign gives an overview of the potential, or more exactly the lack thereof, of nuclear power to aid the fight against climate change, improve energy security and provide affordable electricity.

Nuclear power - Undermining climate protection

Nuclear Power - Energy Insecurity

Summary: The Economics of Nuclear Power

France's Nuclear Failures

EPR - the French Reactor