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Home to around two-thirds of all plant and animal species found on land — in addition to the millions of people who depend on them for survival — our remaining ancient forests are some of our most diverse ecosystems. They are also vitally important to the health of our planet, especially when it comes to regulating the climate.

"We're working to create a world with zero deforestation.
Will you join us?"

—Forests Campaign Director Rolf Skar

Yes, I want to protect ancient forests!

With so many of the world's forests already destroyed, we urgently need to protect what is left. Yet industry is still relentlessly converting forests into disposable products that end up in our shopping baskets - while pushing species to the brink of extinction, destroying the lives and livelihoods of forest communities and exacerbating global climate change. We need your help to protect what forests remain.

Learn more about our motivation, our vision, our impact and our current projects in forest protection.

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Brazilian Amazon rainforest faces biggest threat in recent history

Blog by sebastianbock | July 9, 2010 2 comments

On July 6th, the Brazilian Forest Code, the law which regulates the use of the Amazon rainforest, has suffered the most serious setback in recent history. For years NGOs like Greenpeace, scientists and civil society have been fighting...

Greenpeace Exposes Sinar Mas Pulping the Planet

Blog by rolf | July 6, 2010 3 comments

If you're a fan of forests, you've probably heard a lot recently about the Greenpeace Paradise Forest campaign.  In particular, you may have heard about the giant conglomerate Sinar Mas which dominates the palm oil industry in...

Proposed forest law threatens Amazon rainforest

Blog by greenpeace_guest_blogger | July 6, 2010

Jamie Woolley blogs for Greenpeace UK and recently talked with Paulo Adario, Greenpeace's lead campaigner in the Amazon, about a new threat to the Forest Code, a Brazilian law that has protected the Amazon for decades. A special...

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