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Whether it’s convincing Barbie to go for greener packaging or partnering with the music industry to promote responsible-sourced instruments, by working together we are making a difference.

Great news for Indonesian rainforest: Asia Pulp & Paper commit to forest conservation policy

BOS Foundation (Borneo Orangutan Survival)We primarily focus on consumer power to protect vulnerable ancient forests. When an individual makes an environmentally-conscious choice, it is an important step for conservation. But when a corporation implements an environmentally-conscious policy, that impact is amplified thousands of times over.  Often times, it takes the power of the consumer to pressure a company to do the right thing.

And all the amazing creatures who call those forests home can thank mindful consumers for making that important step in the conversation process.


The latest updates


Endangered Forests Definition: The Wye River Process

Publication | April 26, 2002 at 18:00

Endangered Forests: Priority High Conservation Value Forests For Protection Guidance For Corporate CommitmentsGuiding document for the the Forest Leadership Forum: Collaborative Pathways to Responsible Trade, held April 25-27, 2002, Cobb Galleria...

Into the Heart of the Amazon - The Greenpeace Deni Indian Expedition

Feature story | April 21, 2002 at 18:00

Our Ancient Forest push targeted illegal timber shipments for several months during the winter of 2002. Activists from two Greenpeace ships worked non-stop to block imports of illegally logged timber from Africa and the Amazon.

The Last Remaining Ancient Forests (PDF)

Publication | April 7, 2002 at 18:00

In 1992 all but nine of the world's independent states signed an agreement in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil to help stop the destruction of the world's remaining forests. Ten years later, more than 10 million hectares of ancient forest are still being...

Partners in Crime: Malaysian Loggers, Timber Markets, and the Politics of...

Publication | March 3, 2002 at 18:00

The Paradise Forests of Papua New Guinea are among the largest and most biologically diverse ancient forests left in the world. The future of these forests, and of the people who depend upon them, is currently at the mercy of an international...

Liberian Timber Trade Fuels Regional Insecurities

Publication | February 28, 2002 at 18:00

This 2002 Greenpeace report unveils how Liberian logging is destroying forests and funding war.

Forest Crime file: Liberia (PDF)

Publication | February 28, 2002 at 18:00

Liberian logging: destroying forests and funding war

U.S. Companies Purchasing Bigleaf (South American) Mahogany

Publication | October 18, 2001 at 18:00

Annex to the 2001 report, "Partners in Mahogany Crime."

Into the Heart of the Amazon - The Greenpeace Deni Indian Expedition

Feature story | October 17, 2001 at 18:00

In September 2001, Greenpeace sent three international teams of volunteers into the Amazon to help the Deni Indians demarcate their land to save it from loggers. On October 2, the Brazilian government attempted to stop the demarcation. The Deni...

Partners in Mahogany Crime

Publication | September 30, 2001 at 18:00

A decade after the Earth Summit, ancient forests such as the Amazon are still waiting for governments to keep their promises. Fueled by high international demand, mahogany is driving the destruction of the Amazon.

Logging in the Amazon (PDF)

Publication | September 3, 2001 at 18:00

Illegal and predatory logging plays a central role in the destruction of the Amazon. It is now generally accepted that illegal logging is now the norm, rather than the exception, in the Brazilian Amazon. The government's own investigations...

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